About page

Welcome to Anat Poraz's homepage. I photograph from my love to photography and nature. My curiosity and a lot of interest in nature, led me to macro photography - it is actually a close-up shot in which I usually photograph very small elements. Macro photography is done with a special lens designed for close-up photography. It takes a lot patience, experience, practice and of course a great love for nature. Sometimes it takes persistence, perseverance and it is necessary to photograph again and again, until the desired perfect result.

I shoot in natural light (in the early hours of the morning) without any kind of artificial tools and without intervention or contact with the photographic object. I love insects, arthropods, flowers, drops and different textures that look differently from what our eyes can see. I photograph most of the time around the area I live: in the fields, forests and lakes. Places that are accessible to everyone.

Many people are interested in the world that I photograph and share, and are curious to know and be exposed to what exists right under our eyes and yet we are unaware of its existence. Come to watch and know the small - large world that exists nearby - just under our noses